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As a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, I have specialized in in vitro fertilization. I also support my patients in gynecological-aesthetic laser applications, endoscopic-gynecological operations, treatment of infertility and birth under medical hypnosis. The most beautiful side of my profession is to take care of the families and share their excitement during the adventure of birth. There can be nothing more beautiful than to get to know new families and new lives in this process, to take care of the development of their loved ones and to give it into their arms.

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Pregnancy is the process that a mother-to-be goes through before childbirth. The pregnancy process begins with the birth of the baby and ends with childbirth.


Termination of pregnancy after the 20th SSW or from a body weight of 500 gr. is called childbirth. A normal pregnancy lasts 280 +/- 10 days from the last period.


It is the situation that, despite unprotected regular sexual intercourse for 12 months, no pregnancy has yet occurred.


These are diseases associated with women’s genital organs. The discipline that treats women’s diseases and at the same time includes oncology is called gynecology.


It is a very common sexual dysfunction among women. This leads to uncontrolled contraction from the lower third of the pelvic muscles, which means that the sexual act cannot be continued or is very painful.


The process, which begins after the age of 40 with irregular menstrual bleeding and lasts on average until the age of 55, where the bleeding completely disappears. The word means “the last menstrual period”.


Even though it is called virginal membrane, it’s not really a membrane. It is a membrane-like tissue that lies in the vaginal entrance, about 1 to 1.5 cm away from the labia majora et minora, and has a small hole in the middle.


Abortion is to end an unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancies can be legally terminated up to the 10th week of pregnancy. In addition, an abortion can take place due to medical indications.


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the shape of the vagina is corrected to meet aesthetic or possibly functional requirements. The first reason is to meet the aesthetic requirements. Applied with the right technique, it offers medical, psychological and sexual benefits. It leads to a significant increase in self-awareness..

Birth Coaching

It is a professional support process that supports the pregnant woman and the mother-to-be in terms of birth and pregnancy, promotes natural childbirth and supports the relationship between newborn and mother.

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